You should not miss these highlights of Sumatra!

Pure Sumatra is mainly known for its tropical rainforest and volcanic vistas. You can sleep among the orangutans and float over a river that runs through the Gunung Leuser National Park.

Although Sumatra is less traveled than the popular Java and Bali, this island certainly deserves a place in everyone’s itinerary. Nature is truly beautiful, and influences from the original population groups can be seen everywhere. Are you ready for your next adventure? In our opinion,

These are the Sumatra highlights:

Sumatra highlights: Orang-utan spotting in the Gunung Leuser National Park
How cool would it be if you could stand eye to eye with the rare Sumatran orangutan?

The Gunung Leuser National Park is one of the largest national parks in Indonesia with 950,000 hectares. At the edge of this protected world heritage area, you will find Bukit Lawang. Bukit Lawang is the ideal base for a visit to this unaffected rainforest where, among other things, orangutans live. Besides orangutans, gibbons,

Thomas Leaf monkeys:

Funky monkeys (with tuft), bears, snakes, toucans, tigers, elephants, leopards, rhinoceroses, and many bird species also live here. Spotting the big-5 is not there, but chances are that you can see orangutans in the wild.

I advise you to make a jungle trekking through the park. Last year I made a draw myself and it was a great experience. Besides a few hours of the trip, multi-day trips are also possible. In this case,

you sleep in a hut on a simple mat. Although it will not be your most comfortable night, the sounds of the animals you hear when you wake up and the sunbeams that fall through the trees in the early morning make a good impression. After a refreshing dip in the river, you will immediately feel better.

Sumatra highlights: Visit the Toba lake and Samosir island

The Toba lake (also known as Lake Toba or Danau Toba) is the largest lake in Southeast Asia, and the largest volcanic lake in the world. To give an impression;

With an area of about 1,150 square kilometers, it is larger than a country like Singapore. The depth is estimated at more than 450 meters. That is why it is worth a visit alone. Especially if you opt for a small island in the lake: Samosir.

From Parapat you sail to Tomok on Samosir. Tomok together with Tuk Tuk is the most popular village. It is fun to explore the island by bike. Bicycle rental is also included in the building stone.

The fairy tale on Samosir

For example:

you can visit the Pangururan Hot Springs, the royal village Ambarita and the Simangande waterfall. In the evening it is fun to drink a Bintang in Tuk Tuk. You can also rent a canoe and go on an adventure in the water.

Sumatra highlights: Go on an adventure in Bukittinggi

Bukittinggi is the cultural capital of the Minangkabau region. Here you will find the volcanoes Mount Singgalang and Mount Merapi. Mount Merapi is a still active volcano that you can climb. Although the climb is not easy, you will certainly not regret it.

Besides a volcano climb:

you can go to Sianok Canyon to make a great trip through the jungle. A good condition is required. From the valley, you can see the imposing Mount Singgalang. Also a visit to traditional villages, kayaking and exploring caves are possible.

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