Villages That You Should Not Miss in Andalusia

Andalusia is an extremely interesting area with a rich history

Some villages in Andalusia are praised for their landscapes, good food and especially architecture. The diversity of the area makes it possible to choose for a small town of the beach, or to walk through narrow streets. The area makes a tour suitable because of the short distances between the different licorice. This allows you to see a lot in a short time. I take you through four gems!

Palace with many decorative facades and gardens:

The Santa Cruz district is famous for the old Jewish quarter of Seville. They had lived there since Roman times. The Santa Cruz district is filled with narrow alleyways so that it can occasionally be a labyrinth. Make sure you have someone with you who feels good about direction, otherwise you will get lost in the maze of streets.

The Royal Palace of Seville is a good central point to find your way back. Furthermore, the district is suitable to make your way between nice restaurants and other nice tents. The style of the palace complex is unique for Andalusia and dates back to Christian times. You will find many horseshoe arches, decorated stucco, and decorated ceilings.

Visit the world-famous Alhambra in Granada:

The Alhambra is a palace and fortress from the middle-wounds of the Moorish rulers of the kingdom of Granada in Andalusia. The Alhambra was built by King Carlos in honor of himself and Christianity. The palace is truly a spectacular building where its richness radiates. The whole consists of three palaces that are connected to each other.

Lefhebber of architecture is treated to very sophisticated architecture. Inside you look out at all sorts of beautiful colors and shapes, the carvings, the narrow columns, beautifully finished ceilings. With Christmas on the cake, the gardens of the Generalife palace with a long pond are surrounded by flower beds.

Between Stranden in the Costa de la Luz:

The Costa de la Luz is the Atlantic coast of Andalusia, translated into Dutch, this means Coast of Light. In this part of Andalusia, everything revolves around wind, beach, and water. The Costa de la Luz is the perfect place to board a boat or go kitesurfing. In and around Tarifa there are several places where you can take lessons to get the waves under control.

Visit the Mezquita and the Juderia:

The historic center of Córdoba in Spain, with its cathedral, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. When you enter the Mezquita cathedral you immediately know why. You will be surrounded by how many columns at entry, this cluster of columns is also called a forest of palms.

On both sides, the +/- 50 chapels are lavishly decorated in a Catholic style. This renaissance and baroque style contrasts with the Arab architecture of the centuries before. This gives the Mezquita cathedral its special character.

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