Top 5 Hotels in Rome and How to Get There from Fiumicino Airport

If you plan to visit Rome it would be best to choose a hotel that is close to the main touristic attractions. Make sure that you also know how to get to the hotel and which is the best transportation service for you to choose.

When t comes to Rome airport transfer services, there are many options available for any budget.

You can take a taxi, which is the fastest way to get to your hotel, rent a car, take the train or the bus, or simply choose a hotel that also offers transportation services.

Let’s see which are the top five hotels that you should consider if you plan to visit Rome.

Artemide Hotel:

Located in Via Nazionale, only a few minutes from the best restaurants, cafes, and city attractions, the Artemide Hotel impresses with its marvelous architecture. The hotel is ten minutes away from the Termini Station, so you can reach the hotel by train or a bus from the airport. The hotel is also close to the metro stop.

Hotel Santa Maria:

This beautiful hotel is located in the historical center of Rome, and it offers its customers private tours of Rome and sightseeing tours to the city’s surroundings.

The hotel offers airport transfer services for € 55 up to four people or € 75 up to eight people. If you book a vehicle, you can park in the garage next to the hotel, but you will pay between € 30 and € 40 per day.

Boutique Hotel Campo de Fiori:

Located in the picturesque area Campo de Fiori, the hotel is a cute boutique hotel, cozy, romantic and sought after.

The hotel offers its customers a personal airport picks up by limousine service at the standard taxi rate (around €40). Although you might say that this is not a big deal, think again. You will have a car waiting for you at the airport, and you will have to hail a taxi or risk being tricked into paying more for the fare than you should.

Barocco Hotel:

The Barocco Hotel is also located close to the main attractions of the city and it offers transportation services from and to the airport for € 160 with a minivan. The distance from the hotel to the main railway station is 1.5 km, so you can take a train or bus to the Termini station and then take a taxi if you want to save money.

Palazzo Navona Hotel:

Palazzo Navona Hotel should be on your top five list. It attracts tourists with its perfect ambiance which brings together to the romantic feel of the Italian city with the Cosmopolitan outlook.

To reach the hotel, you can take the shuttle bus Terravision or the Leonardo Express train from the airport to the Termini station and from there the 64 bus for nine stops (50 minutes).

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