The Summer holidays Thailand

Visit Thailand in the summer, is that a good idea?

Is Thailand suitable for the summer holidays or are you traveling in the rainy season?

And is not it very busy?

We often hear these questions and luckily everyone is unjustly worried

There are a lot of places where the summer in Thailand is good weather and we also know in the summer to find the spots where the large tourist masses do not go. So especially: December and January are the best time to book Thailand for the summer.

Climate Thailand in the summer:

Thailand has four zones, each with its own climate. That makes planning the trip a challenge, on the other hand, it means that we can always make a route where you have (largely) good weather. In the summer you can easily go to Central and Northern Thailand. There is sometimes rain, but usually, that is a heavy rain at the end of the day.

If you want to go to the beaches:

skip Ko Chang and the southwest coast because that is where the water comes from the air in July and August. What you can do fine is Ko Samet or the islands in the southeast, such as Ko Samui, Ko Phangan, and Ko Tao. Here, too, there is a shower every now and then, but usually, you get away with it.

A summer holiday in Thailand too busy?

Anyone who is bound to school holidays has no choice but to travel within six to eight weeks. And that does not only apply to Dutch people, so it is true that Thailand has been visited by travelers from all over the world during this period. Because we like a bit of fun but prefer to avoid large tourist crowds, we have looked for ways to discover the country in a relaxed way when composing the building blocks.

You visit big attractions at a quieter time and instead of the tourist floating market near Bangkok, you go to a traditional floating market in a cozy local village. Even on the coast, you have managed to find places that are not overrun by tourists and where you lie under the palms and only see a few fishermen.

When do you book in Thailand for the summer?

Now! These months, December and the beginning of January are the best months to book your summer holiday in Thailand because you are now just in front of the large group of holiday bookers.

If the Vakantiebeurs is in mid-January:

everyone will make their vacation for the summer and suddenly flight prices will rise quickly. Hotels are gradually becoming full, so if you are, you know that we can just book what you have requested, for a nice price. Do you read this blog just too late and is it February.

March or even later?

No problem,

we can still arrange your trip to Thailand in the summer. By looking smartly at travel dates and sliding with the route, we look for the best prices for you. Call or email us and we will discuss the possibilities with you.

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