The Islands Of Thailand

Thailand is known for its beautiful islands:

Bounty beaches, and the colorful underwater world. But also because of the large selection of islands. One even more beautiful than the other.

We often get the question:

how can we combine them?

Which island can we visit when?

Which ‘ko’ is the best?

So we can continue for a while. Time to share our tips and tricks to make your choice easier (of course we hope).

We help you a hand with the best travel time, the most convenient combinations and with the choice between cozy, or not too touristy.
Thailand southeast coast: a good travel time almost all year round

If you travel to southern Thailand between January and September, we recommend our islands on the southeast coast: Ko Samui, Ko Phangan, and Ko Tao. Here in the summer months, there is occasional rain, but the showers are short and usually last an hour at the end of the day. During the day the sun shines and you can enjoy the island life.

Besides white sandy beaches:

you will also find plenty of fun on the eastern islands in the form of bars and shops. Because of the small scale of our accommodations and the crowds in the summer, we work on these islands with several resorts so that we can always book a nice place. And although many people find their way to these islands.

Many quiet places have been discovered where you can stay overnight. Is not it quiet enough?

Then we have something very special: on the east coast is an uninhabited island, where you sleep in a tent and you bake your own caught fish over a campfire.

The three islands of Ko Samui, Ko Phangan, and Ko Tao are easy to combine with each other, there are ferries that take one to three hours a day, depending on your route.

Thailand southwest coast: dreamy beaches and Robinson feeling

If you travel between November and April, the islands on the southwest coast are recommended. Seaside resorts such as Phuket and Krabi are busy and pretty touristy, but you can find pristine islands on a small boat. Hidden paradises are, with white powder sand and a clear blue sea with colorful coral reefs.

Not yet found by the big tourism, you have on Ko Yao Yai and Ko Hai the feeling that you are alone in the world. If you would like something a little more lively, then choose the island of Ko Lanta, where there is more choice in bars, restaurants, and shops. Geographically Ko Lanta lies between Ko Yao Yai and Ko Hai, so you want to combine the three islands, plan Ko Lanta in the middle.

Can I also both?

Do you want to see both the east coast and the west coast of Thailand? From January to April it is good weather in both places. With our Self-drive through the south,

you travel in five days from one coast to another and you see the best of both worlds. In between you sleep in the jungle and go out, looking for monkeys, birds and strange insects. During this building block, you also come on the beaches of the mainland. Not yet touristy and a very good place to spot pink dolphins.

Gulf of Thailand:

waterfalls and tropical rainforest to the beach

If the south of Thailand is too far away, you can also stay closer to Bangkok. Ko Samet is half a day traveling from the capital, for about six hours for Ko Chang and Ko Kood. Ideal, if you have less time, or if you like to enjoy not only sun, sea, beach but also from dense jungle to the water.

On Ko Chang:

you can hike through forests and mountains in search of the many waterfalls of the island.

Also on so food:

you will find this untouched nature and also rest especially because there is no nightlife. Ko Chang and so food can easily be combined with each other. These islands are best to travel from November to April.

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