The Down Under in Australia

Australia has a lot to offer tourists: starting with a varied climate, endless beaches, bustling world cities, fine wines, and an intriguing indigenous culture, the Aborigines. For nature lovers, Australia is an interesting destination with beautiful and wild nature and unique flora and fauna with iconic animals such as kangaroos and koalas.

In addition to these well-known animals, Australia also has other fascinating animal species such as reef sharks, saltwater crocodiles, and Tasmanian devils.

Only in Australia!

Australia also has a top attraction underwater with the coral reef of the Great Barrier reef. This diving paradise is located in the east of Australia where you can also visit the metropolis of Sydney. In the north, you will find areas such as the Blue Mountains and the rainforests.

In the middle of the country, you will find “Ayers Rock” and the inhospitable Outback. In the south, you will find the cities of Melbourne and Adelaide. However, if you want peace then the west of Australia is ideal! Infinite plains and sunsets to dream of. If you really want to get to know Australia, you can not skip this region.

Australia is large and has different climates:

South, East and North Australia you prefer to visit between May and November because then there is no rain and the climate is mild. Tasmania is better to visit during November to April because then the temperature is very pleasant. Central Australia you visit in the spring and autumn.

More about Tasmania:

Tasmania is the smallest state in Australia and is very special. It has a rugged and mountainous landscape and is a wonderful destination for hikers, families and nature lovers.

Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, has numerous restaurants, antique shops, and pubs and is ideal for a weekend trip. The harbor of Hobart is a feast for the eyes with the many colorful fishing boats and sailing yachts.

Discover the metropolis Sydney via a city trip:

Australia is for many people a country that people want to visit. That is not surprising with the many beautiful cities that you will find in Australia. A must see when visiting Australia is surely the city of Sydney. This city is best-known thanks to the Olympic Games.


With more than four million inhabitants, Sydney is the largest city in Australia. Sydney is also seen as the capital of the state of New South Wales. Sydney is located on the Tasman Sea.

This city has developed enormously over the years. It is today, both nationally and internationally, an important city in the field of economy and culture. This city still had the honor to organize the Summer Olympics.

Places of interest:

Sydney has many attractions. You can think of the famous Sydney Opera House, Botanic gardens, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, The Australian Museum, Sydney Aquarium, and the Sydney Tower. These are just a few examples of well-known attractions of this city.

City trip Sydney:

A city trip through Sydney is a great experience. You see a lot of famous attractions, you can enjoy the many restaurants and bars and of course, you can experience the Australian atmosphere. In order to see as much as possible of this beautiful city, it is necessary to have enough time for the city trip through Sydney.

With the largest natural harbor in the world and more than 70 beaches like Bondi Beach, you will certainly not get bored. Because of the versatility of this city, there are sufficient activities for everyone to undertake.

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Backpacking in Australia:

Australia is a paradise for Backpackers! This beautiful holiday destination simply has everything to make your backpack holiday a journey that you will never forget your entire life.

You should think of modern well-known cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. In addition to these beautiful cities, there are the great rainforests that you certainly do not want to miss and the world famous Aborigines you also want to visit.

The WIldlife of Australia is so different than for example the Netherlands so here too you will be looking at your eyes, you can think of the typical Australian animals such as kangaroos, koalas, and wombats but also at just another hour’s drive from Melbourne you will find the island Philip Island here live the small penguins in the world and in Sydney it is even possible to go whale watching.

Of course, some money has to be earned to pay for all these beautiful backpack experiences, the most popular way to do this while backpacking is to work on a farm or farm, as far as the work is concerned you have to think to Fruit and vegetable cultivation.

Finding an administrative job:

, for example, is also possible, but usually, you are expected to do this for a longer period of time. The catering industry, of course, remains very popular among young people to work for a short or longer period.

If you want to see the world and you are between 18 and 31 years old, choose backpacking in beautiful Australia and you have the holiday experience of your life.

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