The Coverings for Your Rental Car

Good coverage is the best way to have no worries when renting a car

However, the terminology used can sometimes be confusing. We have collected all the necessary information for you so that you have a better understanding of what is and is not covered when you rent a car.

• Liability insurance:  standard co-insured with every car you rent via Auto Europe. Cover injuries and damage to another person or object outside the vehicle as a result of an accident that caused you.

• Coverage insurance:  is a damaged cover and limits the amount you are responsible for. For example, suppose you have rented a car with an Own Risk of 600 euros. That means that you are responsible for all damage under 600 euros. All costs higher than this amount are covered by insurance.

• Theft insurance covers the loss due to theft of the vehicle, with a certain deductible.

• Fire insurance:

This is included in the rates of Auto Europe, without a deductible.

In most countries, Auto Europe offers a number of coverage options that save you time and money:

• No Excess:

Covers the entire Own Risk in case of damage or theft and also damage to certain parts of the vehicle. Most car rental companies do not cover damage to glass/windshield, inside of the vehicle, wheels, tires, the underside of the vehicle and the roof. Read your contract carefully!

• No Own Risk with Extended Cover:

This Extended Cover option is offered by our partners, but the type of coverage is different. Some landlords cover wheels and glass, others include wheels, glass, bottom, and roof. Here too: read the contract carefully!

• Refund Permanent Own Risk:

you receive a refund of the amount of your own risk paid in case of damage caused by an accident. In order to receive a refund, we also need a landlord report, a police report and repair invoices.

In addition to the standard documentation

You can find a full description of this service with each rental car offered with ‘Restitution Enduring Own Risk’. You can read more about this on our website.

• Refund Permanent Risk with Super Cover: same as above

But with additional coverage of glass, wheels, tires, the roof and the bottom of the vehicle. When picking up the car you leave a deposit (the deposit is blocked on your credit card). Should there be any damage, you first pay the damage amount (up to the excess) and after that, you can reclaim this amount from Auto Europe.

Important: the main driver must have a credit card in his or her own name

The deposit for the vehicle will be blocked on the credit card when the vehicle is picked up. All conditions of coverage can be viewed when booking on our website before you make a reservation. After you have made a reservation, you will receive a voucher from us with the General Conditions for your booking.

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