The 6 Castle Hotels for Romantic Dates

Any woman wants to feel, if not the queen, then at least a representative of high society, surrounded by luxury and chic. In our dreams, we often take walks through the palace halls.

Stop. Indeed, in our time, your dreams can be translated into reality. After all, in any country in the world, you can find places for recreation that will plunge into the greatness of the past. Nesselbeck, Russia The hotel has the appearance of a castle.

The architects combined modernity of style and medieval aesthetics. Its interior impresses with its luxury. Those who wish to plunge into the atmosphere of the past are provided with appropriate vestments and meals from dishes prepared according to the preserved recipes of past centuries.

Mir Castle:

Belarus This is not only a hotel. This is a castle-museum and a place where an incredible number of filming took place. When you get into one of the rooms, you get the feeling that you are visiting a prince or a duke.

The service “dramatized tour” accompanied by historical characters will allow you to plunge into the amazing atmosphere of the Middle Ages. An underground is a place for those who like to tickle their nerves. They say that the spirit of the White Virgin Sonechka dwells here.

Want to check it out?


England This is a hotel complex with amazing infrastructure. Having been here, you can get real pleasure by walking through the yew maze and contemplating exotic birds, and admire the grandeur of the stone citadel. Also on the territory of the complex, you can try strength in falconry or learn to shoot a bow.


Finland Its advantages are spacious rooms, a sunny veranda, a lounge in a hunting style. We should also mention the spa complex, which includes Finnish, infrared and Turkish saunas, as well as a swimming pool and hot tubs. In the evening you should admire the waterfall with lights and music.


Germany A wonderful place for those who love solitude. It is located in the mountains and is surrounded by forests. Guests will be pleasantly surprised by the convenience of the rooms. In restaurants, you can taste the dishes of medieval cuisine. The hotel has a museum where you can learn the history of these places.


Italy If you love country life, Banfi is a place worth visiting. Fresh air, hospitable inhabitants of a nearby village and beautiful landscapes will bring a lot of positive emotions. You can wander through the vineyards, learn the secrets of winemaking and visit the tasting.

What else is needed for an amazing holiday in a provincial atmosphere?

Do not be upset if you are not a member of the noble family. Weekends spent in one of these places, the pedigree, of course, will not change, but will give you the opportunity to feel like an aristocrat at 100%.

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