Finland, the Land of the Midnight Sun

Finland is a country full of nature, tranquility, and space with vast and untouched forests and thousands of lakes.

Most major cities are along the coast:

In the southwest, you can sail and cycle around the beautiful Schaarkust, a coastline with small rocky islands, surrounded by shallow and often brackish water. For a nice walk or a canoe trip, you go to the lake district and Karelia. The hills in Lapland are also a hiking paradise.

Finnish cities:

Finland also has a lot of history, art, and culture. Visit a picturesque market in one of the larger cities or admire the many art galleries. Helsinki, the capital gives a Russian feeling because the architects were inspired by nearby Russia. The cities of Turku and Tampere are also worth a visit because of their history, design, and architecture.

Best time to travel:

In June the Finns celebrate midsummer night and there are celebrations and activities everywhere. It is, therefore, a busy period. The summer in Finland is pleasantly warm.

But Finland is also a fine destination in autumn and winter. The colorful autumn is an ideal time for walking in the vast forests. During the winter you can admire the northern lights, experience a reindeer safari or visit Santa Claus in Lapland. In the hills of Lapland, you can go skiing or go hiking on snowshoes.

Food and drinks:

In Finland, there is always fish on the menu. You will mainly find pike-perch, salmon, herring, and trout. In the east of the country, they eat a lot of pastries and stews. Lapland has many dishes based on reindeer meat. You drink the well-known Koskenkorva vodka or the delicious Lakka liqueur. The Finnish beer Lapin Kulta is also very tasty.

On holiday to Finland:

With a holiday to fantastic Finland, you will encounter coastlines and the important cities in the south and west, inland vast forests and in the Finnish lake region a total of 60 thousand lakes to discover.

City trip to the Finnish capital Helsinki:

Are you not afraid of a bit of cold, and would you like to visit a beautiful country?

Then a visit to Finland may be for you. If you want to enjoy the peace and a beautiful environment, you are in good shape in Finland. Of course, a visit to the capital Helsinki is also part of it.

Helsinki and its sights:

Helsinki, with more than one million inhabitants, is the capital of the Republic of Finland. This city is located on the Gulf of Finland, which is located opposite the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. A striking feature of this city and also the City of Helsinki is that two different languages are spoken.

The largest part speaks Finnish, and a small part speaks Swedish. There are a number of interesting sights that may be involved in a city trip to Helsinki. Examples of these sights include the Helsinki Cathedral, the Temppeliaukio Church, the Uspenski Cathedral and the Suomenlinna.

Do you like to see the culture of a city or country?

In Helsinki, there are various cultural activities that one can undertake, such as the three symphony orchestras or the national opera. For lovers of other activities, there are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and clubs in the center.

City trip Helsinki:

Cafes, clubs, restaurants, opera, museums, a nightlife center, and shopping. These are a number of examples of the diversity of activities that can be carried out during a city trip through Helsinki. At least you will not fall short of sightseeing in this cold but beautiful city.

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