After and Favorite Hotels of Hollywood Actors and Celebrities

Hotel De Crillon, Paris:

France Ah, Paris, Paris … one of the most romantic cities in the world, where many dreams to get all their lives. And if you are among the lucky ones who are going to the French capital, then we do not advise you to spend your time on.

Trifles because here it’s not a hotel or a restaurant – this is a work of art revered all over the world. Hotel De Crillon confirms this. The building is located on the Assembly Square, in the historic center of Paris, dates back to the 18th century.

Luxury interiors in the style of Louis XV, all the benefits of the Internet and spa, a winter garden, many rooms (not only luxury) overlook the cozy courtyards or the old street. And most importantly – from the terraces overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Also, do not have to look separately restaurant French cuisine – here you will be served dishes under the Michelin star.

Which of the stars settles here:

At various times, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Carrie, Elizabeth Taylor stayed here. Often here live Madonna and J. Law, and the latter also held here photo shoots.

Althoff Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg:

Germany Chic castle with comfortable rooms, views of the Rhine and Cologne Cathedral. The rich interior of marble, antiques and antique works of art. Living here, you can feel like a count or a princess, despite the fact that the building is not too old and has all the amenities for a royal life. In each room: mini-bar, the bathroom of marble, plasma, internet.

For guests are available swimming pool, spa, massage, sauna, gym, conference rooms, bar, restaurant and much more. Even the area around the hotel is notable for its sophistication – the Althoff Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg boasts walking streets, hedges and landscaped masterpieces.

Hassler Roma, Rome:

Italy The most famous hotel in Rome, which is chosen not only by the stars but also by many tourists. The main feature is that the institution is located right in the center of the city – near the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, squares and cathedrals. Many terraces, including the restaurant, offer a wonderful view of the city.

Hotel Hassler Roma will amaze you inside:

Marble, gilding, antiques, spacious rooms in the amount of 100 pieces, a chic restaurant. If you are traveling with a child, you can pre-order a nanny, there is also a children’s room, as well as a swimming pool, sauna, wireless internet, rooms for people with disabilities, a spa, a fitness center.

St Martins Lane Hotel:

London, United Kingdom Another city that attracts millions of tourists. Protogynous mores, ancient history, coloring on every street and building … and hotels here are also distinguished. For example, St Martins Lane, A Morgans Original. This institution has rejected what can be called Bohemian chic and has chosen the path of technology and new architectural solutions.

And I must say, the owners have not lost. Unique multi-story futuristic hotel, all rooms are in white color. This is necessary for an interactive lighting system that allows you to paint rooms at all times and at the whim of the guests with the help of lighting in all the colors of the rainbow. So vary the shades of the walls, ceiling, and windows.

The whole building sparkles and stands out against the background of mansions and ancient facades; it seems to be glassy, which also adds natural light. Near the hotel Trafalgar Square, and inside – spacious rooms, all amenities, a restaurant of Cuban and Asian cuisine. On the roof, there is a bar overlooking London.

W Barcelona, Barcelona:

Spain An ideal option for those who are looking for not just housing, but also a warm, and chic beach, for whom the view from the window is worth any money. Hotel W Barcelona is located in the Old Town (historic center), on the Mediterranean coast.

The high tower offers a great view of the coast:

Water and architectural monuments, including the city’s largest aquarium, the opera house, and the Sagrada Familia. Moreover, if you can not imagine your life without pets – then you can settle with them. In the hotel, you will find a spa, gym, bars and cafes, conference rooms, internet. Directly at the hotel, you can book city tours. And, of course, the pool is at your service.

Das Triest Hotel:

Vienna, Austria The center of Vienna adorns this premium hotel. Experienced tourists know that this city is one of the most expensive in old Europe, but the places here are distinguished by luxury and perfect service. Das Triest Hotel is located next to the State Opera House and St.

Stephen’s Cathedral and the world-famous architect Terence Conran worked to create the building, making it a real landmark within Europe. Inside the hotel, you will find a restaurant of world cuisines, rooms for people with disabilities and allergies, as well as affordable rooms, a solarium, a pool, a spa, a bar, a fitness center and much more.

Which of the stars settled here:

before, the shocking star Amy Winehouse loved to live here. Now there are staying at Whitney Houston, Heidi Klum, Robbie Williams and Lady Gaga, which, I must say, based on the list, knows a lot about hotels.

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