Accidents and Bad Luck With Your Rental Car

Accidents and bad luck are not things we like to think about and certainly not when we go on vacation. Nobody chooses to have an accident or a flat tire, but these are things that can happen. And that is why knowing what to do in such situations is something we should be prepared for. Safety In the event of a traffic accident you will have to act quickly.

The first thing you do is determine if everyone is unharmed. In case of injuries, it is important to get emergency relief started as soon as possible. Please note emergency numbers from your host country, even though we hope that they will not be necessary.

photos Once you have ensured that everyone is safe, take photos of the situation and all vehicles and objects involved in the situation. Photos may prove to be of great importance later when it comes to insurance.

Who to call? In the event of an accident or theft, you must inform both the local landlord and the local authorities within 24 hours. Of course, it is best to inform the landlord immediately so that breakdown assistance can be arranged.

Even if you notice damage to your car that you have not seen before, you should inform the lessor about this immediately.

Car damaged by an unknown person may happen that you return to the parking lot of your rental car and you notice that the car is scratched, dented or otherwise damaged. The one who caused that is in no fields or roads to be seen. Also in the case of such damage or damage where you run into an object,

you must call the lessor and have a police report prepared. Even though the damage is small and there is nothing or little going on, it is still important to inform the local authorities and the landlord, otherwise, your complaint and any refund request may be declared invalid.

Car repairs If repairs are necessary after an accident (please), make sure that you first have permission from the local owner to have this done.

The role of Auto Europe If you have taken out a Restitution Own Risk package with Auto Europe, you naturally want to see the costs refundable that you have paid for the damage.

There are a number of documents that we need from you to process your application:

a damage report signed by you and the local landlord (before the end of the lease) and a police report if a third party was involved in the accident (collect all data of the third party). And do not forget to inform the local landlord, the police and Auto Europe as soon as possible. In order to submit a request for a refund,

you will need to contact us by e-mail, giving us your voucher number. The details of the accident must be filled in on our Refund Form which you can download via our website. In addition to the signed form, you must also send the documents mentioned, accompanied by payment receipts and any photos.

Flat tire A flat tire is obviously not something we want to be confronted with on our holiday, but it is from those things that sometimes happen. Normally you will find a spare tire in your rental car with which you can replace the flat tire.

Auto Europe’s Restitution Own Risk package with Super Cover covers the costs of replacing a tire and any repairs and labor costs associated with it. If there are more serious problems, you can call the roadside assistance or the local rental company. Now that you are fully informed, you can go carefree with Auto Europe. We wish you a safe trip!

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